Writing Challenge – Week 4

☃️🎄The 23rd of December🎄☃️

After a long 4hrs and 20 min drive from California to the Mountain High Resort we got there. We left at 2am on the 23rd of December and got there at about 6am. I am called Lia and my parents and called Mary and James. I have 5 older brothers. First Marcus and Finn 21, second Harry and Hugo 17 and lastly Leo my twin brother we are 12.

We just arrived at our house and when I saw it I was in love. I have to share a room with Leo because there are only 4 rooms. But at least I don’t have to share with Marcus and Finn! After we all unpacked our bags I wanted to go sledding yet we could not because it didn’t start till 10am and it was only 8am.

So we decided to go have breakfast a the breakfast bar. I had pancakes, waffles and toast with strawberry jam. Leo, Harry and Hugo decided to also have pancakes, waffles and toast but Marcus and Finn wanted to have coffee and cereal.

After breakfast we all went sledding and other fun winter stuff. 

Then we went to have dinner steak and chips. Yummy!

After that we all went to bed.


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