Writing Challenge – Week 6

As I woke up on a lovely Sunday morning . So as it was only 7:15 am so it was still a bit too early for a walk, so I was listening to the sounds of the ocean. As an outcome of  staying in France with my best friend Lulu and her family, we got to share a room. After she woke up at about 7:40 am I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk on the beach and she tiredly said ‘soon‘.

So after a while we got into some nice cool clothes (our bathers underneath) and walked down to the beach. While we looked at the sunset we talked about stuff going on at school and home. After a bit we realised we had been talking for almost 1 hour so we decided to go to the bakery for breakfast. I called my mum to ask if we could go and she said yes.

We both got a chocolate croissant and a chocolate milkshake. We talked and laughed for a bit while eating our breakfast and then decided to go for a swim.

Later on we walked closer to our place where we were staying. By now it was about 10am so we went for a little swim in the ocean. We splashed in the water and swam out to the pontoon near the front of our house.

We dried of and went to have lunch but when we walked into our house it looked crazy!!

To be continued…